Ashtanga Yoga with Mindfulness

Town Hall

Monday 9.45 - 11.30am

Tel: 01869 340335

Hugh Poulton's Ashtanga Yoga with Mindfulness


Hugh will help you to break down the mental barriers in your mind that stop you reaching your full potential, allowing your body to recover it's true flexibility, lightness and strength. Be guided by Hugh's 28 years practice and 14 years teaching experience.

Join a friendly, fun Ashtanga Yoga class in Woodstock and improve core strength, fitness, flexibility and posture. Build confidence and a real sense of wellbeing. In 5 weeks, as you de-stress, you can restore a sense of balance in your life, feel fitter and have more energy.

Taught in an enjoyable, supportive and relaxed way, at a convenient location and time.


Course of 5 sessions: £45.00, start any week.
Drop in £11.50, but please book by telephone in advance.
To reserve a complimentary taster class, telephone or email.

Hugh Poulton